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Everything I see
Was made by You
In the beauty
Of the first words spoken
Everything I know
Relies on You
On the authority
Of Your roars and whispers

In this mystery
The Creator King
Shows His face

I see Your glory on display
As creation sings out Holy is Your name
I see the splendour of the King
Seated on the throne ruling all eternity

Everything I am
Formed of dust
A sculpted character
In the Father’s image
How can it be true? 
That You would choose
To write me into
Your eternal story

It’s a mystery
But You created me
To see Your face

You have caught my heart’s attention
I will sing my adoration
Worthy, You are worthy!
With the landscapes and the nations
Joining Heaven’s congregation
Worthy, You are worthy!
Worthy, You are worthy!


Antonia Morgan, Jotham Oakley, Louisa Maddison
Copyright ©2017 Freedom Sounds (Admin. by Song Solutions
CCLI #7089269


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