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It is finished and Your body is not in the grave
You defeated all the power that death ever claimed
And then You sat down
On Your holy throne
Raised back to life to bring us home
So we’d know You God
And enjoy Your glory

You gave Your all
Your everything to win my soul
Guilt leaves on Your arrival
Banished by Your gospel
You’ve shattered all my shame, You’ve taken all my blame
You’re unimaginable
The love that’s in Your heart pursued me from the start
You’re unimaginable 

And Your Kingdom is advancing with love in its wake
There are wonders that You’ve only begun to display
And we’re believing
For Your perfect grace
To be poured out on everyone today
For the one true God
Is amongst His people 

I know that my heart beats because of Your love
The air that my lungs breathe a gift from above
You’re making my soul sing a hymn to You God
There’s nothing to do but worship


Jotham Oakley, Jack Wintermeyer
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CCLI #7089268


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