Backing tracks and stems for many Newday songs ready for download. 

Over the last 2 years the Newday team have begun experimenting with different sounds and styles in our expression of worship. We've started to use some backing tracks whilst leading worship as many of these sounds just aren't achievable live.

We wanted to make these available to you to. We have two options available:

Backing track - £3.99

This includes:

1. Stereo backing track (24 Bit WAV File)  
2. File with mono backing track on the Left and Click on the Right (24 Bit WAV File)
3. File with mono backing track on the Left and Click on the Right (Mp3 File)

For help on how best to run this, we have a short video for you.. 



This will include separate stems of the song in 24Bit WAV files; drums, bass, guitars, synths, backing vocals, click and cues.

Each song will also come in a few different keys, so you can choose whatever's best for you.
This options is best for those who would like to sub-mix files and parts themselves, depending on your local set up.



We currently have tracks available for

Call You Faithful
Alive With Worship
Dance All Day
Move Like this

Buy now!


Need help?

Using backing tracks live in worship comes with a whole ton of questions, options and complications!

We certainly don't have all the answers, but we've made lots of mistakes (!) and hopefully learned a thing or two in the process. So sometime in 2016, we'd love to run a training day on how best to run tracks in a live environment. We'll be covering questions like

• What equipment do I need?
• What is the right way to use backing tracks with my band?
• How do I keep spontaneity within the band whilst using backing tracks?
• Troubleshooting!

If you're interested in a training day on how to use backing tracks with your band, please register your interest below:

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