Graham Kendrick

Graham Kendrick has been described as a ‘father of modern worship music’ whose songs are ‘crammed full of poetic, divine, biblical truth’ that have ‘sculpted a view of God that has impacted generations.’ For more than 30 years he has been at the forefront of Christian music in the UK having written and recorded hundreds of songs, many of which are well known around the world, including Shine Jesus ShineKnowing YouThe Servant King and Amazing Love.

Graham is based in the UK and travels internationally participating in tours, festivals, conferences and training events, as a worship leader, speaker and performer.

Here's a quick message from Graham:


Anna Brading

Jotham Oakley

Jotham Oakley
Anna Brading

With a stunning ear for melody and an incredible talent for penning fresh, creative lyrics, Jotham has emerged as very talented songwriter in the Newday Team such as Alive With Worship, Before the Start and You Never Change to name but a few. Jotham leads worship regularly at Emmanuel Brighton with a passion for creativity and heart to encounter God.


Anna is married to Simon and based at Emmanuel Brighton, where they lead the Worship Team together. She has written and co-written many songs for Newday, Kids work and the Church, including Call You Faithful, Move Like This and Hallowed Be. She has a heart to connect with the music scene and loves to write pop music. 


Songwriting Workshops

At Worship School this year we have a whole stream dedicated to songwriters this year at WorshipSchoolUK. We want to encourage, serve and equip songwriters to write the best songs they can, so we've designed two workshops with that in mind...

Session 1: Out the blocks
Anna Brading, Jotham Oakley

A practical workshops for budding songwriters wanting to grow and develop their gift, particulalry looking at:
- Generating ideas and keeping them flowing
- Turning ideas into songs
- Finishing songs
- Collaborating and cowriting

Session 2: The Art of Crafting
Graham Kendrick

How to take your 'finished' song and make it even better. A practical workshop for more experienced songwriters, focusing on the art of crafting:
- Revising and honing lyrics to be the strongest they can be
- Writing melodies that are singable, catchy and strong