Newday LIVE 2015

A high energy live album driven by a thirst to see a generation of Jesus lovers experience new heights of worship. 

This is a live album with passion! Insanely talented worship leaders including Jake Isaac, Simon Brading, Zac Guy, Sam & Becki Cox, leading 7,000 young people deeper into the presence of God. Featuring high energy Dance/Electronica tracks and power anthems alike, newday worship Live 2015 is an album of style and substance, prophetic and powerful. 

With each song written with the local church in mind, newday worship Live 2015 once again captures the energy and sound of a new generation rising up with a passion for Christ.

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Tracks listing:

1. Alive With Worship
2. Dance All Day
3. I Believe
4. Greater Than It All
5. The Cross of Christ
6. In Christ Alone
7. Holy Spirit
8. Holy, Holy
9. God I Look to You
10. He Is Lord

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