Newday Homegrown
(Studio Album)

To celebrate 10 years of Newday, the Newday team disappeared to the studio for the first time to reimagine and reinvent, bring you the first ever Newday studio album.

Favourites like We Are Yours and You Reign are featured in completely new arrangements, and there are some brand new songs showcased here too. Newday Homegrown presents this collective of singers and musicians in ways they've never been heard before. Without the huge festival crowds and swirling acoustics that are so associated with these songs, raucous energy and fun meets new levels of space and intimacy. These new arrangements never feel overly familiar, and with many looking for new ways to creatively express worship in music, the Newday team demonstrate here that there are almost as many ways to worship with music as the imagination will allow.

Track list

1. Sun of Righteousness
2. So Good
3. We Are Yours
4. You Died For Me
5. Holding On
6. All I Want
7. My Soul Is Well
8. Gracious
9. Let The Rain Come
10. Our God Is Holy
11. You Reign

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