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We are ready, You’ve initiated
Take us where You want to go
We are gathered to declare Your praises
Let our worship be Your home

For Your Word says
When we gather You are here
It’s a promise
You are God and You are near
And Your Word says
Come and seek and you will find
So we’re lifting up our eyes to You

Open hearts meet open arms
All we want is to be with You
We’re Your people and You are our God
Anything can happen now You’re here with us
All we want is to be with You, to be with You

We’re the people You have liberated
No more hiding, no more shame
Free to stand before Your throne in Jesus
Here to meet with You again
Here to meet with You again


Jack Wintermeyer, Jotham Oakley, Simon & Anna Brading
Copyright ©2017 Freedom Sounds (Admin. by Song Solutions
CCLI #7089267


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