Electric Guitar

Jack Wintermeyer

Jack Wintermeyer

Jack has been playing electric guitar in the Newday Band for many years, bringing excellence, hooks and passion in all that he does. Jack is a talented songwriter and producer, working with many people in the industry as well as producing the latest Newday Album Forever Now he also co-wrote songs on such as Clear, Initiate and Rock of Ages. Jack and his brother Chris have just released a new self-titled project ‘Wintermeyer’.  As well as his insane talent, Jack has a wonderful heart for worship and seeing people released in worshiping freely. 




We have a whole stream dedicated to electric guitarists this year at WorshipSchoolUK. We want to encourage, serve and equip guitar players of all abilities to play at their best and stand out, so we’ve designed two Masterclasses with that in mind.


Looking at the critical role of your instrument within the band and some basic tips and techniques to take you're playing forwards! For beginners to intermediate players.


Developing your instrument to unlock new heights and depths of worship. Very practical, more in-depth look at technique, sounds, dynamics and parts. For intermediate to advanced players.