Before The Start

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Before the very start of time
You were thinking of me
Before I even opened my eyes
You were looking at me
And Your eyes were full of pure delight
As You set Your heart on mine
There’s always been a plan for me
In You 

So I lift my eyes up to You
And I just smile at the view
For when I look in Your eyes
You’re looking back in love
Oh keep my eyes fixed on You

You see me in my daily life
Every pleasure and hurt
You see the things I long to hide
But You’re helping me learn
That my eyes have drifted left and right
But I can’t escape Your sight
You’ve never given up the fight
For me

Forever You have been my God
Now I’m looking ahead
You promise You will be my guide
‘Til the end of the age
That Your grace will meet me all my life
As Your Spirit lives inside
I know I have eternal life
In You 

You were holding on to me
And forever You will be
Holding on to me


Jotham Oakley, Pete Coggan, Nathan Fellingham
Copyright ©2017 Freedom Sounds (Admin. by Song Solutions
CCLI #7089256


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