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Behold the King of kings
The Lord of victory
Ascended in the heavens undefeated
Exalted on the throne
No power can overthrow
In majesty and splendour He is seated

At His name, all the earth will bow in awe
At His name, saints and angels all adore
Singing holy is the Lamb upon the throne
All praise to the Lord our God

King Jesus, be lifted
High above it all
You’re the Almighty
You’re the Almighty
Our praises, our devotion
Jesus have it all
You’re the Almighty
You are the Lord
You are the Lord of all

Behold the Son of Man
Scars still on His hands
Silencing the voice of condemnation
In heaven intercedes
With faithfulness and zeal
Redeeming and restoring all creation

Every power must bow down
Every king lay down their crown
Jesus You are high above it all
Heaven shouts and angels sing
Glory to the risen King
Jesus You are high above it all


Anna Brading, Simon Brading, Jotham Oakley
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